Giving to Institute of Active Ageing

1) Sponsorships (Annual Sponsorships)
Donations will be used to support the development of the IAA.
Names of donors will be acknowledged on IAA’s website. All donors will be invited to all activities. Special gifts will be presented to acknowledge the donors. Periodic reports will update the donors on the progress in research and developments.
A) Platinum Sponsor   $ 100,001 and above
B) Diamond Sponsor   $ 100,000
C) Gold Sponsor         $ 50,000
D) Silver Sponsor       $ 10,000
E) Pearl Sponsor       $ 5,000
F) Crystal Sponsor     $ 3,000

Donor list

Platinum Sponsor
$ 100,001 and above


Gold Sponsor
$ 50,000
袁燊甫先生 陶伯明先生 葉發祥先生


Silver Sponsor
$ 10,000
MR. LEUNG CHI KAI MINTIS 李巧堅女士(已故) 聶揚聲先生
MS. TAN POH LEE 馬錦華先生 孔慧嫦女士


Pearl Sponsor
$ 5,000
黃陳婉雯女士 鄺建蘭女士  


Crystal Sponsor
$ 3,000
陳鉅昌先生 陸榮基先生 陳煥操女士
馬蔣寶蓮女士 D100 心滙心臟及腦血管病檢查預防中心
  趙凌晉先生 李譚綺蓮女士 楊家聲先生


Other Sponsor
麥麗容女士 甄懋強先生 錢志庸先生
汪國強先生 陳玉鳳女士 何應雄先生
  莫國棉先生 梁秀梅女士 黃業雲先生
  鄭來福先生 吳少冰女士 葉潔芳女士
  楊才生先生 何錦權先生 謝哲文女士
  梁麗珍女士 許瑞意女士 姚汝雄先生

2) Scholarships/Bursaries
Target: $10,000 per student per year
Scholarships/Bursaries for full-time students of BSc in Applied Ageing Studies (a non-UGC programme).
Donors will be acknowledged on the website and be invited to the graduation ceremony.

3) Intergenerational Study Tour Scholarships
Target: $150,000 per trip
To enable a total of 10 students of BSc. in Applied Ageing Studies, (a non-UGC programme) and 10 students of Mini- University Programme for the Third age (50+) to organize and participate in an overseas study tour in Asia for mutual exchange and learning. The next study tour will be conducted in summer 2014
Donors will be acknowledged on the website and the tour report. Donors will be invited to the report back session of the study tour.

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